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Sheila Shaw
Sheila Shaw - Founder and Director of Program Development

I strongly believe for every problem there is always a simple solution. It is this belief that keeps me fearless to explore that which seems to be impossible.

This personal philosophy lead me through and beyond a medical diagnosis that was supposed to mean the end of ‘quality of life’ for me as well as the literal end of my life within 10 years. That diagnosis was given to me 23 years ago.

I continue to witness the power of this fearless philosophy. In 2002, I personally designed and built my own 600 sq ft studio. I do not know which was more rewarding, physically building the studio, or mentally overcoming the many people who felt it their duty to keep reminding me that I would fail!

I naturally bring this passionate philosophy, which empowers my personal life, to the creative drive in my professional life. Through my personal experience, I created a medical device that is changing thousands of people’s lives across the world and I did so while facing opposition from all the wise and experienced people who said it could not be done.

Objections to my vision for Peritoneal Dialysis were based on industry expertise (e.g. ‘How can one market a product that has to be custom-made and without seeing one’s customers?') When meeting with this sort of opposition, I relied upon a key tenet of my philosophy: the less complicated the solution, the more successful it will be. So, I changed the way products are marketed.

Through Patient’s Pride, Inc., not only was I successful in bringing my invention to market, my company has enjoyed success and the product has reached as far as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Kuwait, UK, Japan,
etc…changing the lives of thousands of people who, if I had listened to the naysayers, would not have experienced the positive benefits of doing Peritoneal Dialysis.

I am most proud of Patient’s Pride because I had a vision to help others, and turned what appeared to be a complex problem into a simple solution.

My confidence in the philosophy of fearlessness makes me an inspirational speaker and leader. I love to bring the information I learn to others and to help make resulting solutions take shape. I have developed and hosted two talk shows, created public service announcements, and authored non-fiction audio and print publications to boost positive change and share what I have learned. My belief in human potential is boundless and leads me to remain an active volunteer with the Monterey Bay Disabled Veterans. I know I have much more to give and Project PEVA is my latest challenge.

I am excited about the current awareness campaign – when I started Project PEVA, I had not realized just how much plastic was flowing past me below my level of awareness. Now that I have begun to inventory plastics commonly in use, I am able to see the massive impact we can have today – just by raising awareness. Once again, I am relying on my belief that the less complicated the solution, the more successful it will be.

My Vision of World Peace: When all the socially invisible people have clean water and can drink from their rivers with pride, when all the silent voices of the ocean can breathe without choking on plastic and garbage, when we as a people can value the innocence and beauty of all animals by valuing their environment, and when all trees can once again reach for the heavens without threat of irresponsible deforestation … this is when my soul will be at peace. It is my passion to develop innovative, simple, eco-friendly tools to help achieve this vision.

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