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For best results, watch all of the videos before taking this test. All of the answers can be found in the videos in our library.

Please note: Due to ever changing information and circumstances, the word "approximate" is used frequently. If you discover incorrect or out-dated information, I apologize in advance and welcome your friendly corrections.

How does plastic and garbage get into the ocean? You may select more than one

Direct dumping Canals Rivers Sewers All of above

Which of these bottled waters is actually filtered tap water? You may select more than one

Everest Glacier Clear Dasani Aquafina All of the above

There are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic per every________ square mile in our oceans.

1 17 75 300

How many bottles of water do people in the USA purchase every week?

1 Million 5 Million 10 Million 50 Million ½ Billion

Of this quantity, approximately what percentage of these bottles ends up in our landfills?

5% 20% 80% 95%

Approximately how long does it take a plastic bottle to breakdown?

3-6 months 5-10 years 25-75 years 450-1000 years

How many trees are cut down annually on behalf of paper bags?

10,000 75,000 357,000 3 million 14 million

Approximately what percent of Earth’s original forests are remaining due to deforestation?

10% 20% 50% 80%

Are plastic bags recyclable?

Yes No Sometimes

Approximately how many plastic bags are taken home from stores every year in the USA?

50 million 200 million 500 million 50 billion 100 billion

Approximately, what percent of plastic bags are recycled?

1% 12% 35% 44% 85% 93%

What is polyester made of?

Cotton Plastic Hemp Corn

Where does the US recycle plastic?

We recycle our own garbage in the USA Africa China Canada

Which of these is becoming the leading food source for Laysan albatrosses?

Sardines Plankton Plastic Jellyfish

Sea Turtles mistake plastic bags for?

Jellyfish Plankton Squid

Which of these types of bags is best to use to conserve Earth's natural resources?  
You may select more than one

Paper bag Plastic bag Canvas bag All of the above

What does BPA stand for?

Byscethonal Acetone Bisphenol A Bicarbonate Acid

Which of these is most strongly associated with BPA? You may select more than one

Plastic Obesity Toxic Canned Food Baby Bottles All of the above

Which of these types of plastic is abbreviated HDPE?

High Density Polyethylene Heavy Durable Plastic High Density Plastic

Which of these types of plastic is abbreviated PET?

Pliable Ethylene Trepticide Pliable Ethycimen Triptomacide Polyethylene Terephthalate

Which of these types of plastic is abbreviated PP?

Polypropylene Plexible Plastic Poly Plastic

Which of these types of plastic is abbreviated LDPE?

Low Density Polyethylene Low Duration Plastic Loethylene Density Plastic

Which of these is the primary plastic that recycling centers in the U.S. are equipped to recycle? 


What is the main food source in our oceans?

Plankton Shrimp Salmon Kelp

In the video Plastic Waters, what were the fish skimming the ocean surface and eating?

Plankton Shrimp Plastic Oil Kelp

You can make a organic bug repellent with these ingredients
Baking soda, Salt, Water
Chili Peppers, Ivory soap, Water
Crushed Sardines, Lemons , Water

What is the main ingredient needed to make plastic?

Corn Oil Water Nylon


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